Tuesday, July 30, 2013

the very hungry caterpillar party

i've been working hard on the boys' birthday.
the theme is the very hungry caterpillar. 
mv still loves the book and its very appropriate for a first birthday too. 
but, as always, i'm on a tight budget so we are crafting most of this party from supplies from my craft closet. 
how am i doing??

backdrop for pictures. poster board + paint. doubled as our craft of the day!

mailer invites...fold out caterpillars. cardstock + tiny brads.

tiny pom pom caterpillars to go in little jars for deliverable invites. (saves on postage! didn't cost me anything!)

mv's toeprints made into thank you notes. green paint + cardstock. doubled as our craft of the day!

mv's gift to jack (also, decor). paint + cardstock. doubled as our craft of the day!

felt pendant banner (for all birthdays). felt + length of leather, salvaged from a broken jump rope of mike's. 

so, what do you think?  
coming along nicely, eh?
just about a million more things to do and we'll be set ;)
good thing it's not till the end of september.
i am loving having the boys' birthdays a day apart...


  1. Cute! Now you need to plan your next two babies to be born close together!


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