Saturday, August 3, 2013

edible art!

time for some edible art!
i am trying to come up with new and interesting crafts for our boys.
and what's better than paint that tastes delicious?
nothing, according to mv.

pudding paint!
(use white chocolate instant pudding for a "blank" canvas.  it's whiter than vanilla.  i used vanilla, and as you can see, it started off a bit yellow.)

add food coloring.  
you can do this in advance but mv really liked mixing it himself.

mix mix mix!

and enjoy!

make sure to lick your fingers!

onto Cool Whip paint!
now, personally, i'd make your own whipping cream so you can really control the amount of sugar that is added.  
you don't want your kiddos on a sugar high for the remainder of the day.

add to a muffin tin and mix in food coloring of your choice.

and enjoy!

i'd recommend this sans-clothes.  it does stain a bit.

so much fun!
hope you try it soon and enjoy!
let me know if you know of any other edible art!

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