Friday, August 23, 2013

milk paint

another craft of the day for this summer!
and this was, by far, my favorite yet.
somebody please, please, tell me how to make this permanent so i can frame it.
for real.

let's get started!
pour some milk (whole is definitely the best!) into a dish.  we used a pie pan.

add drops of food color.

dip a toothpick into dishsoap (just a coating on the tip) and dip into the colors!
watch the magic!!

so stinking beautiful!
looks like an agate.
and i want to frame it.
i'm welcome to all suggestions.


  1. There is a technique using paint and water that makes similar patterns: once the paint is swirled on the top of the liquid you lay a piece of watercolor paper on the surface of the liquid (you have to take fine sandpaper and rough up the surface of the paper first to make it super absorbent) and the colors soak in to the paper in the pattern made on the surface of the liquid, then you carefully lift the paper off the liquid using tweezers or tongs... maybe the same technique would work with this?



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