Sunday, August 11, 2013

butterfly puddle

a beautiful craft that may or may not have worked. 
that should have been the title of this post. 

mostly just attracted bees and flies. although I thought I saw something flutter so we'll count that. as I ran for my camera, it fluttered away. 

but, it was beautiful and fun so I guess it's a win win, yes?

empty dish. anything will work...pie pan, birdbath, muffin tin, etc + sand + water + flowers + very brown banana. 

fill with mounds of sands and enough water to make "muddy"...little wells of water and some areas of soggy sand. 

add flowers to attract the butterflies. we used old ones that were wilted from our dining room table bouquet. 

add slices of old banana (or other near-fermented fruit). 

and set in a quiet spot for the butterflies to enjoy! 
beautiful, cheap, and fun!
even if we didn't get a butterfly, Michael had a great time learning what butterflies eat and how they like to sip water from sand and how they love flowers. 

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