Wednesday, August 14, 2013

grateful for our goings on

so much to be grateful for this week.
just normal, summer-time, goings on but this way, if i write it down, it helps me to take just a second and thank the Lord for it.
instead of just taking all these tiny, precious moments for granted.

chubby hands picking container tomatoes and popping them into his perfect mouth.
the way veggies should be eaten.

endless prepping for a new year of homeschooling.
but, i'm almost done!
and it'll be worth it, to have the whole year done, when (if! God willing!) we get pregnant again!

date night!  so, so thankful to have a system worked out with our dear friends to switch date nights and babysitting!

beeeeeautiful artwork up for display.

finally getting my (small but gorgeous!) collection of flow blue plates hung.

a baby that is so mobile now!  he's walking everywhere!
....and leaving his trail wherever he goes.
i found one of his sensory bottles in the windowsill, with the sun shining through, this morning when i went to open the window and let the beautiful, 60 degree weather inside.

and whole wheat, sugar-less, oatmeal, fig muffins.
(isn't food always included?!)
they turned out delicious and by home-making everything that goes into my boys' mouths, i know exactly what they are eating, where i got it, and how healthy (or unhealthy...hey, we have lots of cookies around here too!) it is.

now, it's off to sweep the muffin crumbs off my floors while the babies sleep!


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