Monday, August 26, 2013


some days, we have tragedies.
some are valid, some are overkill.
here are a few lately.

the little bear was crying because he didn't like his feet on the concrete.
(also, does that ridiculously long grass count as a tragedy? daddy has since cut it.)

that i can't figure out a way to frame this gorgeous milk paint creation.
although several of you have suggested ways to preserve it and i'm trying it out soon!

i believe this was mv crying over the fact that he wasn't allowed to eat more than two whole pieces of fried chicken at our picnic.

one of my favorite pieces in my house.  it holds a lot of sentimental value and i was crushed when it was...crushed.  
my own fault, however.  i will now make sure that the clock hanging above it is secure when we slam our front door.

and, last but not least, this is an ongoing pile of tragedies.
broken toys, decor, and books that daddy needs to fix.
a permanent fixture on our bar because of our rowdy boys.

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