Saturday, November 23, 2013

autumn chandelier

i know, i know.
it's mid late autumn.
and i'm just now getting my main autumn craft up.
but it's up!
and it looks great!

1. collect leaves. ask your adorable, chubby-handed sons to collect them and bring them to mama. then, show them how to press between sheets of paper and let dry completely.

2. lay out dried, flat leaves. run a length (however long you want your chandelier...i did mine about 3-5') of neutral-colored thread on the top.

3. carefully run a line of glue (i used elmer's) down the thread, stopping at the edges of your leaves. repeat. make about 5-8 leaf rows/lines/dangley (spelling on that?) things, or as many as you'd like.

4. let dry completely (overnight) and then just try to keep them out of reach of said chubby hands. trickier than it seems. i taped mine up, behind a curtain, and got really close to just leaving them, because i thought they were so pretty there!

5. wrap a cheap wreath (any type will do) with some burlap ribbon, or whatever you'd like. this will be the top of your chandelier.

6. carefully tie the thread into the burlap, spacing your leaf dangles as you wish.  i did 6, evenly spaced.

7. aaaaaand hang!  hang somewhere that the light comes through :) and be careful, it might be heavier than you think, depending on what materials you used!

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