Saturday, November 30, 2013

30 day gratitude challenge

when my sweet friend, courtney, asked me to take part in the 30 Day Gratitude Photo Challenge, i couldn't resist.  i'm big on picture-taking, even if i'm not the greatest, and it seemed like something i could get behind.  i loved the idea of slowing down and focusing on one subject every day of what we are thankful for, for the month of november.
hope you enjoy!

//favorite food//, hands down, fav food of the season is turkey and wild rice stew.
//smile//, can't get enough of my big man's smiley eyes.
//happiness//, is there anything better than when your child has that look of complete joy on his face?
//leaves//, loving and so grateful for the autumns on the east coast.
*okay, i apologize for the next couple collages. we had a back-up malfunction and i lost a few pictures so these were collages that i did from my phone...*

//morning sky//, pink sunrise from our front porch.
//books//, currently on my nightstand: Family Fortunes, ChildWise, the Bible, and my kindle with Last of the Mohicans, among others.
//something funny//, my mom found this awesome indigenous mask in ecuador for mv.
//favorite color//, green almonds the size of my fist, growing everywhere in ecuador!
//inspiring person//, my daddy :)
//nature//, absolutely everywhere you step in ecuador.
//something old//, the basilica in quito.
//hands//, photo cred: mil. i left a list of crafts to do with the boys while i was gone and they did the thankful tree so well!
//written words//, graffiti in ecuador.
//movement//, the joy of a spinning baby.
//technology//, classical pandora on all day, to inspire little minds.
//animals//, herds of cow, giraffe, zebra, and dinosaur constantly around our house.
//memories//, love letters from his first military school, our first time apart while dating.
//something new//, brand new hunters that i can't open till christmas :(
//best friend//, i adore him.
//seasonal//, the beauty that is virginia in november.
//where you sleep//, a bed always tousled from wrestling with my boys in the mornings.
//clothing//, so grateful for warm clothes to play outside for hours, on cold days.
//in your closet//, i'm crazy about organizing by color.

//gratitude//, love watching this boy learn to pray and learn to love to pray.
//artwork//, my favorite piece in our house.  titled, secret beach, i bought it in key west and would love to have someone recreate it, larger, for a statement piece over a (future) fireplace someday...
//transportation//, along with herds of animals, caravans of trucks and cars are frequently seen around the house...
//daily routine//, we are big, big on routines here, but it always, always, starts with tea and quiet time.
//nighttime//, after-bath play in their bedroom.
//light//, morning sun shining through my foyer window and lemon tree, in my makeshift, winter atrium.
//self-portrait//, getting ready, in a baby-smudged mirror, with said baby.
i so enjoyed this challenge and hope to do it again next year!


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