Tuesday, December 3, 2013

homeschooling wrap up: november

homeschooling wrap up for november!
we had fun.

G is for Grass!

G is also for Graham crackers and Grapes, dipped in Greek yogurt.

Green Eggs and Ham!

G is for Goldfish!

aaaaand Garbanzo beans and Green beans.
okay, done with G.

for the beginning of the month, we continued our culture series with a New Zealand/Austalia unit!
complete with Great Barrier Reef and sharks and a sheepskin rug and sheep!

probably my favorite part of the nz/australia unit...a special visitor (on his morning off) came to visit mv as a Maori warrior! 

oh yes.
complete with traditional haka.  i.e. dancing around and stomping.
mv joined in.
i got it on video but the warrior won't let me post that bit.

we read books on nz/australia...

...and painted in the traditional, Aboriginal way!
its a fish.

and, last but not least, crafted a pine cone kiwi bird!

on to H!
H is for Hay, for our textile letter of the week.

and Honey, Hazelnut spread, and Hummus...

and an uber gross Hot dog lunch.
but, it made Him Happy.
(okay, sorry)

when i was in ecuador, mv's grandmother helped him do some fun, Thanksgiving crafts!

they turned out so well!

I is for (pretend) Ice...

and Indian beads (continuing our Thanksgiving unit)...

and Ice cream!

oh, and Insect.

birdseed feeders...
and super creepy science experiment with Indian corn.
but totally came out awesome (yet still creepy) and was really instructive on how plants grow!
he daily got to see and measure the new growth!

J is for Jellybeans.
first, sorting (naturally)...

and using the rest for a tiny j
and prompting eating them all :)

and lastly, J is for Junebug!

our letters of the week are coming along so nicely as a border for the schoolroom!
and textile letters of the week on the blank wall, beside my elliptical!
somehow, i haven't taken pictures of our math lessons or cutting practice or any of our felt Bible stories and songs this month. but he is learning so much and we are having so much fun!
can't wait for next month!

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