Sunday, December 29, 2013

my favorite crafts of the year!

getting to be the end of the year and thought i'd do a quick compilation of my favorite crafts we did this year!
this blog, after all, is first and foremost a journal for me :)

love my new nook. just went shopping around the house and made it all work! my opinion, of course :)

the painted popcorn cans turned toy bins for the boys.

this whole party!

painted rock dominoes for daddy, from mv and jack jack!

felt tea sets for all the darling little girls in our life

autumn chandelier!
new curtains, sewn from an urban outfitters tapestry

growth chart for the boys!

our new advent bags!
i guess next year is actually getting around to ironing them...

dino hoodie for mv

of course! the magic milk paint!

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