Wednesday, December 18, 2013

need ideas for Christmas dinner?

now that my husband is home from 3 (long) weeks in the field, we'll be taking a break from here until the new year!
hope everyone has a great holiday!

if you need some last minute idea for Christmas dinner, see below.
i'll fill you in later about what we had this year!
(hopefully, this will be part of it!  *fingers crossed*)


here for these:
herb stuffed turkey breasts
roasted garlic mashed red potatoes
grilled asparagus
avocado grapefruit salad
dark chocolate cake with homemade marshamallows

here for these:
crown roast with fennel apple stuffing and cider bourbon gravy
macaroni and cheese
roasted broccoli
black bottomed lemon cheesecake

here for these:
(valentine's day menu, but would be perfect for a small Christmas for two!)
lobsters with butter
roasted asparagus
new york cheesecake with red berry coulis

here for these:
(probably my favorite, total menu...and yes, it's Easter, but would be ideal for Christmas!)
roasted leg of lamb
scalloped potatoes
roasted brussels sprouts with thyme and red pear
hot cross buns
coconut cake

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