Thursday, November 14, 2013

enjoying life

while out of the country, i had time to reflect-as we drove from volcanoes, through jungle, to the beaches...more on that later-on what we enjoy most in life.

and lately, we've been enjoying...
family time at our church's fall fest

pink sunrises

adorable faces

(this is his passport picture ^^)

homemade pear and vanilla jam on Sunday afternoons

not-so-baby steps

our big boy

pumpkin mini muffins to serve at church

reasons to dress up

this fun season

morning sun through fresh sunflowers

clean teeth! and a boy who loves the dentist 

chilly weather for pot pies

and stuffed pepper jack-a-lanterns!

my antique birthday armoire!

quiet time on the porch on warm(er!) afternoons

little boys waiting on daddy

and beautiful sunsets through the back door

what have you been enjoying lately?
(and ecuador post coming soon!)

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