Friday, January 24, 2014

hello, Baby.

hello, Baby.
i decided to write you notes throughout your stay in the womb.  i hope i keep it up!  i am notoriously bad about keeping a journal but i've kept this little blog running for awhile so hopefully that'll inspire me.
we weren't expecting you.
well, let me rephrase.  we weren't expecting you so soon.  we agreed on a starting month to try to get pregnant again and prayed a lot about it but definitely weren't expecting to actually get you on the first try.  mv was a second try and jack was a first so maybe we should have known better :)  so, your daddy was in california when i took that little test and saw that little line and i was very surprised.  honestly, Baby, the first thing i thought was, oh no...morning sickness.  and then, i bowed my head and prayed for forgiveness for thinking that as my first thought.  i laughed as i thanked the Lord for you and laughed as i already knew how much i loved you, in that little line.  and i do love you so much already, Baby.  i do.
i told your daddy, when he got home, when i was six weeks along.  he was expecting something else when i emerged from the bathroom, as i had him going that i wasn't pregnant.  when i brought the little jewelry case out, with a tiny green pea inside, he was a little confused.  but, when i told him that's how big our Baby #3 was, he smiled and got choked up and just couldn't believe it.  he is so, so happy, Baby.
i told your nanny and paw paw and uncle vince on christmas morning when i was seven weeks along.  we wrote a little note in the runaway bunny for them to open.  nanny just thought at first that we were telling her that we were coming to see them in august, but a few seconds later, she understood and burst into tears.  i had fooled her too!  later that morning, we video chatted with g-ma, poppy, and your great memere and did the same thing! i love a good surprise, Baby.
it hasn't been very easy...but then none of my pregnancies have been a breeze.  i am very, very tired...probably from chasing your two brothers around all day :)  mv is 3 years and 3 months and jack is 15 months.  active boys, your brothers are.  and i am sick most of the time.  very nauseous and food doesn't look very good to me right now but i tell myself it's okay because that just means you are growing strong, Baby!
you aren't sticking out of mommy's tummy too much yet...just maybe as much as a very big, mexican dinner :)  but, i'm not in any maternity clothes yet and haven't gained (or lost) any weight yet so that always makes your vain mommy feel better.  (hopefully, your more self-less daddy can teach you about vanity...)
we saw you for the first time last week, in your ten week sonogram.  you kicked around for me and it kinda choked me up for a second!  your mommy doesn't cry too, too often so that caught me by surprise again.  you looked great, Baby.  the doc said  you were measuring just perfectly and your heart was beating so fast.  i just love sonograms...they calm your worried mommy down.
we will get to hear your heart beating again in a few weeks and hopefully your brothers will understand a little more of what that means when they do.
we all love you so much, Baby, and can't wait to meet you in august.

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