Tuesday, January 7, 2014

corn sproutlings with pancetta and runny egg

if you follow this little journal/blog at all, you'll know that during november, we did a little experiment in homeschooling.
indian corn.
it totally freaked me out how that corn grew in a bit of water and a bit of sunshine.
but it was awesome that mv got to see, daily, how plants grow, hydroponically.
and after the week, the little corn sproutlings were about two inches high and i thought, why that was neat, now what?
i asked a few of you about suggestions on what to do and my great friend, courtney, had a great one...cook them!
of course.
so, i googled corn sproutlings and not a lot came up but i improvised a bit and a couple weeks later finally got around to cooking them. (and just now getting around to blogging it...)
and they were delicious!
no recipe really, but if you ever have a hankering for something very sweet, kinda bitter, and completely interesting, give these a try!

Corn Sproutlings with Pancetta and Runny Egg
Serves one!

Fry up some pancetta.

Snip your sproutlings, wash, and add to skillet. 
*make sure your sprouts are only about 2" high....otherwise, they'll be too bitter!*

Saute just lightly and remove to small bowl or plate.
Fry egg, the way you like it, and serve on top.



  1. I am so excited that you tried this... and that it was a success! It makes me want to sprout an ear of corn just for this recipe! So the bitterness... was it a good balance to the sweetness, or was it funky? Also, curious: how fibrous were the sprouts?

  2. Good balance. But you're right, VERY small sproutlings. The bigger ones were too bitter. And I didn't find the sprouts fibrous at all! Very tasty. We'll be doing it again :) - K


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