Tuesday, January 14, 2014

homemade puff paint

i found this little recipe on (where else?) pinterest and unlike some pinterest crafts, this paint turned out perfectly!
we used it for painting a polar bear in homeschool the other day but had so much fun that we tried it again for our afternoon craft of the day!
it's easy and cheap and a fun sensory craft :)

pour some craft glue into a small bowl.

add an equal amount of shaving cream.

mix, mix, mix!

and paint!
mommy is soooo creative with her amazing smiley face.

don't worry, the clean up is very easy too.  just wipe everything down.  and soap and water takes care of your hands.  and face.  and little brother's hair.

the dried artwork.

closeup of the "puff" when it was dry.  

easy afternoon of fun!

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