Tuesday, April 15, 2014

dc's chinatown!

last weekend, we spent a great early evening in dc's chinatown!
we were finishing off our Asia week in homeschooling and picked a hum-dinger of a weekend to go to dc.
"the" cherry blossom festival.
i.e. traffic for days, people shoulder to shoulder, etc etc
but, no matter!
we drove the 30 minute drive in 90 minutes, but luckily, our two wonderful travelers were napping the whole time!
we navigated around the cherry blossom crowd and found chinatown.
still a lot of people (...after all, cherry blossoms are a big deal in japan), but we found a parking spot, unloaded the boys into the stroller and set off!

the famous Friendship Arch

looking at all the new sights 

cherry blossoms over chinatown!

such a mix of old and new

peak blossoms!

pointing out architecture

enjoying steamed pork bahn mi, egg custards, and babi milk teas in a park

and pictures "under" the arch...it's famous to do so.
of course, when you only have two parents, all the family portraits are with one parent...

...or another :)

a beautiful day and an awesome time!

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