Thursday, April 3, 2014

homeschooling wrap up: march!

we had lots to do and lots of fun this month!

kicked it off with our Bible story about Jesus washing the disciples feet...

and W!

Watermelon and Waffle kabobs with Whipped cream!

tracing, tracing



*he's trying to master exactly how much glue to use...*

we also started our Plants/Spring unit...
so, we learned the parts of a plant.

and watched as water (that mommy didn't put in there nearly early enough) as it traveled through lettuce.

watched beans sprout.

and had some fun lunches :)

our next Bible story was Moses and the 10 (X) Commandments!
X was our letter for the week...

nothing, i repeat, nothing, begins with X.
X cereal, it is!

X potato stamping

X lunch!

X ray!
the next week, was Moses and the Golden (Yellow) Calf!
(and Y week...)


...and St. Patty's week!

learning why St. Patrick used the shamrock to tell the celts about the Holy Trinity

texture clover

of course, a rainbow with gold at the end :)

continuing our plant unit...growing clover!

and a leprechaun! 

we made homemade colcannon and irish soda bread...

and shepherd's pie!
(also, potato soup and chowder but not pictured...)

Ireland center!

adding to our letter book...


Yellow Rose (of Texas, of course!)

Yellow tomatoes

Yellow dinner: Yakitori, Yellow (saffron) rice, Yellow tomatoes, Yellow squash, and even Yellow (lemon) cake!

for the last week of march, we studied Joshua and Jericho...

and, for sure, built a brick block wall and marched around it blowing our homemade trumpet and felling the walls on the 7th time around ;)
*I have a video but can't figure out how to post that...* 

proud of his Zoo animals

Z for Zoo



we practice flashcards every day.
this kid loves him some flash cards.
we have about 10 sets and do one a day.

we also did a special Lenten study and he got to put jewels on his crown every day while I read a Bible verse and poem!  just a few more weeks and we can add the big cross on top on Easter morning!

and, as always, practicing our tracing...


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  1. why does it look like your beans are sprouting bright little lights? What's going on here, ... do you have magic beans? alien beans? It looks like tiny bursts of light coming out of the beans!


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