Wednesday, April 23, 2014


hope you all had a very blessed Easter!
ours is below, in pictures :)

pre-church family pic!
everybody smiling AND looking at the camera.  
a first.
6 months pregnant with baby Gabe :)

our historic church has an annual Easter egg hunt in the cemetery (a bit morbid? ...but very picturesque!) after service.

Mike is a lay reader, hence the uniform...

after naps, we opened the Easter baskets!

this year's handmade eggs...a choo choo!
both boys are obsessed with trains right now...

kid knows where the good stuff is...
through the wrapper.

then our early dinner!

carrots with cayenne cream

buttered and herbed fingerling potatoes

rosemary roasted game hens

roasted Brussels sprouts

homemade focaccia

and a big, chocolate cake!


  1. Did I see a TUNA FISH packet in one of their Easter baskets?!! Omigosh, I hope that was for Mike, ya crazy woman. Love, Mom

  2. Loved the aerial photography! And kudos to Mike on the Easter flowers...everything looked lovely. Wish I had been there.


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