Friday, July 4, 2014

healthy popsicles!

happy fourth!
need a sweet treat for the kiddos without the sugar rush afterwards?

my babies love these. 
yes, they've had the occasional "commercial" pop, at their nanny's or a friend's house but at home, we try to keep the sugar level down. 
or at least all natural. 
so, i saw these on pinterest a few months back and decided to give them a go!
healthy and packed with fruit, i see them as a big win over commercial brands. 
and during the summer months, my boys have one a day so i guess they see them as a win too ;)

Healthy Popsicles
Makes however many you'd like!
Chopped, diced, or sliced fresh boys like segmented clems, kiwi, blueberries (i get the frozen, wild berries to save some money), grapes, strawberries, etc etc
Pure, no sugar added, coconut water

Add the fruit to the top of a popsicle mold, push in a craft stick (or plastic utensil, if you get desperate!), and fill almost to the top with coconut water!
Freeze and enjoy!

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