Wednesday, July 16, 2014

summer crafts, so far...

we are in between moving, packing, traveling, visiting, and etc but here are a few crafts we've been enjoying so far this summer!  when we get settled, we'll continue crossing off our summer fun list :)

feather painting and bird watching!

shaving cream balloons

an ocean in a bag.
j thought that beads and bugs definitely go in his ocean :)

splatter paint eggs!

*use tempera or washable paint or else your driveway might be permanently "beautiful"*

shaving cream + corn starch + food coloring = "gak" sensory tub

mostly, mv liked it.

but jack got into it eventually :)

fourth of july fireworks!
straws, swirled in red, white, and blue!

bubble wrap paint stomping

and for his last night in our virginia home, we kept michael up till it was dark (past his bedtime), and enjoyed some glow in the dark bowling and firefly watching! 
he had a blast!

when we get settled in our new home in texas, we'll continue crossing off our summer fun list!

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