Sunday, August 3, 2014

fun at g-ma and poppy's!

we made it!
to san antonio, that is...
and onto more fun at g-ma and poppy's!

it took all of about two seconds to "move in" for the boys.
bulldozer? check.
tee ball stand? check.

makeshift bookshelf and lego tower? check.

finding the perfect reading nook? check.

and then we did loads of fun things like g-ma and poppy taking us all to sea world!!
needless to say, boys that are obsessed with whales and sharks had. a. blast.

37 weeks pregnant in 98 degree temps?

oooo, jack was mad that the beluga whale wasn't right on time.
little stinker.

mv got to feed to sea lions!!

a wonderful day!

we also explored the famous pearl market...but i'm doing a whole post on the wonderful things we found there later ;)

we did a fun day at the waterpark

we headed out to the house in boerne for a day of swimming

but most days, we just relaxed and enjoyed each other.
well, g-ma and daddy took the boys out in the little swimming pool and mommy rested her huge belly :)

reading books

dinners out 

and poppy played beautifully soothing music most nights.

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  1. Great post Katie! We really did have a fun time together. Thank you for documenting it ��


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