Wednesday, November 19, 2014

henderson heritage cane syrup festival!

another field trip!
last week, we headed to henderson, tx, and enjoyed a beautiful, Autumn Saturday learning about how to make cane syrup!
it was a blast, strolling around, sampling and seeing and riding the carousel!
we all had a great time!

watching the horse crush the sugarcane

petting a sweet donkey

...and kissing it.

cane syrup!

family :)

walking sticks

rope making demostration

antique saw mill!

beautiful juniper wood


old fashioned corn grinder

love this one.

...and that one with the little hand sticking out :)

admiring the antique tractors

 fresh veggie seedlings

we snagged some kale, lettuce, and chard!

loving on the goats

...and the girls ;)

only in east texas...

we love trying to take a decent family picture...
baby crying...

baby crying + jack running away + michael half smiling + mommy yelling :)

baby finally not crying + jack smirking + michael showing off his chest.
we give up :)

and we ended with a carousel ride!
jack's first...can you tell how thrilled he was?!?

a great day!!

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