Sunday, November 2, 2014

our halloween!

Oh, y'all.
We had a great Halloween.

We started at a local winery that had a cute pumpkin patch.
We had to take pictures, near pumpkins, with baby Gabe.

Gaumy found the biggest pumpkin on all!

Ring around the Rosy, when we got bored of pumpkins :)

Onto the costumes!
This year, I went super easy and semi-homemade because, well, I have an 10 week old :)
Our theme was woodland creatures!
The Hedgehog.

The Fox.

The Baby Bear.

Then, we decorated Paw Paw's truck as our "haunted forest" scene for the Trunk or Treat!
And yes, we totally reused the toadstools from our Bear Hunt party ;)

The Deer and the Trunk.

The Baby Bear had his bouncy chair to lounge in...

The Fox and The Hedgehog with The Hunter.

The whole DeSa Woodland Creature Clan.

Sweet boy.

The Hunter and The Deer.

Another sweet boy.

The Deer and a sleeping Bear.

Nanny was The Raven!

The Deer and The Raven.
(I did the makeup!)

The Fox got his hand painted too!

A great Halloween!

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  1. which one is the 11 month old? hahahahah


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