Sunday, November 9, 2014

homeschooling wrap up: october!

Another great month in homeschool!

Michael is doing really well with his beginning spelling and reading!

Jack's color of the month was white and shape was square!

white picnic

He also practiced E, F, G, and H!

Our units last month were bugs and Halloween!
We went bug-hunting every day...

And learned about ladybugs...


...centipedes, millipedes, and worms...


...and spiders!

threading practice for MV

a cool puzzle that my dad built!

At the end of the week, we examined all the bugs and insects we collected!

Next, was our Halloween week!
5 Little Pumpkins felt song...


fun foods!

hilarious monsters.
MV did the top one and Jack did the bottom ;)

Another great month!!

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