Thursday, July 31, 2014

chia seed pudding with fresh peaches

i've seen this everywhere.
all over pinterest.
and my fav workout site,
so, i finally decided to try it!
and it was delish!
and this coming from a woman who doesn't care for rice's nothing like that!
it's creamy and delicious and super nutritious!
just try it!

Chia Seed Pudding with Peaches
Makes 2 regular servings or one big one :)
1/2 cup unsweetened, vanilla almond milk
1/2 cup plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla
1 tablespoon pure maple syrup
2 tablespoons chia seeds
1 very ripe peach, chopped (if your peach isn't very ripe, add a teaspoon or so of maple syrup right on top!)
Sprinkle of sliced almonds, toasted

Pour the almond milk into a small bowl or measuring cup. 

Add yogurt. 

Add vanilla. 

And maple syrup!

Whisk, whisk. 

Add chia seeds. 

And whisk. 

Pour into containers and let sit for 30 minutes. 
Stir, if seeds have settled to the bottom, cover, and refrigerate overnight. 

When ready to serve, spoon chopped peaches on top and sprinkle with sliced almonds.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

fun at nanny and paw paw's!

when we moved from virginia, my parents kindly offered to come up and drive the boys back to texas for a two week holiday at their house.
of course, we said something along the lines of "sure. take them." and off they went happily :)

below, is all the great fun they had at nanny and paw paw's! :)

my parents have a big orchard and luckily the plums were just ripe enough to pick and eat!

throwing a bad plum to the beloved chickens...

...and enjoying the fresh!

my mom used to be a librarian so there is reading every day, of course!

...even when jack sneaks out...

he still gets the afternoon treat ;)

egg collecting is a twice daily privilege.

my dad caught this milk snake a couple weeks before they got there and the boys got to catch lizards and crickets to feed it.  
and don't worry, they released it at the end of the holiday :)

there was swimming and watermelon...

and "chores"...

and coloring...

and window gazing.

on the really hot and/or rainy days, they got to splash in the pool in nanny's greenhouse...

and build a huge igloo out of these old styrofoam blocks that my dad had saved for years.

pretty cool, if i do say so myself!

my parents planted grapes from their balcony and the boys gorged themselves on tiny, sweet grapes every day :)

there were morning walks in pjs...

and a surprise trip to the zoo!

and they even made me a pretty birthday present!
floating, glass fish from my parents' recent trip to venice!

and a mv-decorated birthday cake and fresh-cut flowers :)

when mike and i arrived, we went fishing in a dear friend's pond...

and mike got to join the fun and do tractor rides every day!

the figs ripened just as we were leaving.
they went from a few to pluck a day...

to tons, overnight!

and on our last night, we got to celebrate paw paw's birthday with homemade key lime pie!

we even got to see my grandmother, "gaumy" and enjoy her for a few days!

a wonderful trip and hopefully many more to come!!
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