Sunday, September 11, 2016

gabriel's 2nd!

...a month late.
after last year's birthday party of over 50 guests, we decided this year on no. big. parties.
we were planning/hoping/praying! for another baby and the Lord gave us our wish!
so we were trying to plan ahead and knew i'd most likely be very pregnant around all the boys' birthdays.
hence the no. big. party. decision.
we stuck to our guns (even though i'm going crazy without a party to plan!) and ended up being very pleased with our decision.
we even decided to split up the birthdays as they should be.
so, gabe's 2nd birthday is in august and mv and jack's are in september. (stay tuned for that little celebration)
we decided on our traditional m&m pancakes with balloons for breakfast, swimming in the pool all day with watermelon, and grilled pizzas for dinner!
and of course i couldn't resist a little homemade cake :)
enjoy our day, in pictures!


my good little swimmers :)

blue tongues

the cutest suspenders ever.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I love his reactions to his gifts. What joy!


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