Sunday, September 18, 2016

summer crafts...part 4!

the last of our summer crafts!
we had so much fun this summer and can't wait to add to our list for next year!
enjoy :)

toilet paper tubes + tape + marbles = marble run!

ps - do not judge the top of our deep freezer.
it's the come-in-and-dump-your-stuff-place.
yes, i think there are extra undies, a hat, and a reusable shopping bag up there. the necessities.

rocks + green and white paint + pot = cactus garden for nanny's homemade birthday present from the boys

rice + lavender essential oil + purple food coloring = lavender rice sensory tub
to calm down on the deck after mud puddle jumping ;)

2 cans shaving cream + food coloring + large tarp = shaving cream slide n slide!

getting a bit tired from the play i think ;)

condensed milk + food coloring = shiny, edible paint!

these actually dried after a few days and turned out a lot prettier than i expected!
large cardboard box + butcher paper + stuffed bears = rainy day bear cave!
$1 pool noodle, cut in half + marbles = marble races!!

homemade face paint + a free, big belly = art ;)

Go, Dog, Go party for the end of summer!
it's a really terrible cake.

we did pretty well! can't wait for next year!

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