Sunday, October 30, 2016

birth stories: robert.


for our sweet baby #4, we decided not to find out the gender. we planned on this one being the last one so we thought we'd keep it a surprise.
so, when my due date came and passed, we were all a little grumpy.
i do not do pregnancy well and with every passing one, it gets worse. so to say that we were "a little grumpy" might be an understatement.
but i'd been having contractions all week so we were hopeful! every night, they would start around midnight and be steady (albeit long) all night and then slow and stop every morning. my midwife assured me that this was normal and my body was just getting ready. but it was very tiring! i was up most of the night and then had three little boys to attend to all day. exhausting!
on sunday after my due date, my parents gave us their symphony tickets and offered to watch the boys and we headed out for a date.
literally, as soon as the music started, i started having contractions again! they were steady and about 7-15 minutes apart. they lasted all evening so i was hopeful and tried to get some sleep before they really amped up! i slept until midnight and then was up with strong, very steady contractions for the rest of the night. i already had a midwife appointment to do all the post-due stuff, like kick counts and a sonogram, but by the time i was ready to leave, i told mike that he'd better take me because it was hospital-time either way!
he convinced me to go ahead and go to the midwife anyway, just to make sure, and after the kick count and contractions test, and she checked me at 6cm and 80% effaced, there wasn't time or a need for the sonogram! straight to the hospital!
we stopped on the way for a salad and grilled chicken (mcdonalds...shhhh) to give me some energy but got to the hospital and checked in around 10am.
the nurses took their time, fitting me with a saline block and getting us the bracelets and etc so by the time by midwife arrived, i told mike that i knew i was in transition. sure enough, she checked me at 9cm and almost time to push! she broke my water to make things run a bit smoother and at 12:12pm, we met our new son, robert ely!
he was bigger than anyone thought, weighing in at 9 pounds and 2 ounces and a little under 20 inches long. mike got to deliver him too! our midwife called him down after about 10 minutes of pushing and he got to maneuver the head and shoulders out and everything! he was thrilled!
our perfect little blessing checked out perfectly and we've been smitten ever since!
he completes our family and we couldn't be happier.

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