Wednesday, October 12, 2016

michael's 6th and jack's 4th!

the boys turned six and four this past week!
since i was so pregnant, we stuck with our "no big party" rule for this year and just had a low-key but fun few days!
their birthdays fell on a thursday and friday so we had to work around our cc class and the weekend for a surprise camping trip.
we woke them up early and served our traditional m&m pancakes with candles and then headed off to cc. their friends sang to them, gave them gifts, and their presentations were on their birthdays so they got to give out cupcakes! we even had a pizza party in cc for the end of the six weeks, which happened to fall on mv's birthday!
that afternoon, after the nap, they loaded up the car for their super special surprise...camping and canoeing trip with daddy and paw paw! they had a blast!
they came home friday afternoon to a cool camping cake and a dinner that they picked out themselves...shrimp, broccoli and sweet potatoes!
it was a great couple of days and i think we all had a blast!

our traditional m&m pancakes for birthday breakfast!

cupcakes for our cc class!

opening sweet cards from their friends

cc pizza party!

camping at caddo lake!

peach cobbler!

beautiful mist over caddo


just give the 2 year old a box...

can't have a birthday without a few tears...

i think they had a good couple of days :)

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