Sunday, October 2, 2016

homeschooling wrap up: september!

time for another year in homeschool!
how is it already that time?
we tried to fit in as much as possible this month because next month, with the baby coming, we might not get as much accomplished...
we have a 1st grader (what?!), a pre-k, and a pre-pre-k (2 year old).
technically, mv should only be in kinder and jack in 3 year old class but they are advanced so i moved them up. and they are doing beautifully!
we begin at 8:30 and go until noon. gabe is with us until around 10 and then my mom comes to take him for his morning walk (or reading time, if it's too hot) and the older boys and i get to focus a bit longer.
it's been challenging to have our barely-two-year-old in class with us but we'll work out the kinks!
we had a great first month back and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us this year!

the end of our summer reading fun!
he made it to 61 books in under 3 months! not too bad!
and we will keep going! he wants to see how long he can get his caterpillar ;)

first day of cc! mv is 5 in the 6&7 yo class (that i tutor) and jack is 3 in the 4&5 yo class!

jack needed cliff notes to help him with his very first presentation...he rocked it!

...and of course, michael wanted cliff notes too :)

i love making packed lunches!

the first day of cc was on a thursday and the following monday, we started homeschool!

pre-k 4, pre-k 2, and 1st grade!

diffusing peppermint and wild orange to focus us!

yikes. we need to work on our tracing skills ;)

utter concentration here.

back to cursive work!

mama made felt crowns for our huge medieval unit! it'll last all the first 6 weeks...

i added a few decorations...

then they got to add the rest one day in class!

pom poms, coins, gems, sequins, you name it!

a special, online drawing activity for charlemagne!

king richard the lion-hearted and the crusades!

making a trencher! trenchers were flatbreads that were used as plates in the middle ages.

my mom, brother, and mike worked on the surprise for this unit for weeks before!
the boys were sooooo excited...

a castle!!!

a "real" torch to explore!

the landscape surrounding the back of the castle

the treasure!

the dungeon!

the stained glass window in the chapel!
the chapel even had a bell to call to church and a hidden loft to store treasures for when the vikings raided!

daddy's going in.
medieval feast!
a "hog's head" ham and amazing throne!

ham, beef pot pie, roasted potatoes, soup, flatbread, poached pears, pumpkin pie, and "mead'!

the kings!

the very pregnant queen...
(the peasant got her pregnant...)

the queen's lady in waiting

color sorting!

my sous chef helping me out for poetry tea time that day

geography work!

biomes lesson!

this was a fail.
he kept eating them.


and pre-pre-k work!

we start with letters, colors, shapes, and numbers for a 2 year old!

aaaaand he stamped himself when mama wasn't looking...



and omnivores lesson!

math lesson

after his rest, daddy lets mv work on the real computer!
that's his latin lesson on the right...

more poetry tea time!

geography free hand!

b is for bee!

C is for Caterpillar!
color of the month!

cc science experiment outside

art class!

charlemagne presentation!

i'm so proud of this boy.
he's only 3 and "reading" his notecard for his presentation. he's doing so well!

review games in cc!

art class

bible verse memory work

my mom runs the nursery for the little sibling during cc.
gabe is having a blast with his buddies!

off to our first music lesson!
the university in our town teaches a free lesson once a week, run by the education majors!
it's great for our kiddos!
a great month and a great start to our homeschool year!

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