Saturday, December 3, 2016

christmas tree hunting!

its the most wonderful time of the year!
that means christmas tree hunting, sitting in santa's lap, and baby goats!

our local christmas tree farm always has baby goats for the kids!

we can't WAIT to get our own!

it took him six years but this year was the year that he actually ran up to santa :)

this one on the other hand, has never had a problem with santa.

michael plans out his list, jack flies by the seat of his pants.
this year included a real fox and two rocks.
yes, rocks.

gabriel was veeeeery nervous but did get up the courage to get in his lap and not cry.

rob's first year!

santa suggested this pose and i couldn't quite get a good shot!
but so cute :)

off to hunt for trees!

this one, daddy.

and let's try to take a picture, says mommy!
jack says no.

we got a couple good ones!

can't wait for this wonderful season!

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