Sunday, December 18, 2016


busy month so far!
all our christmas fun coming soon!
but for now, enjoy, and enjoy your holiday season!

swinging on the gate...what a good life these boys have :)

my mil brought fun pumpkin treats when they came to visit...this one is a pumpkin cookie base with caramel and coated in white chocolate :)

our beautiful road

meyer lemons from my mil's tree!

my tiny baby.
my last one.
pictures like these make me, the non-crier, tear up.

peanut butter cookies and toy lions.

when mv turned 6, he got to go "hunting" with daddy.
he can't shoot anything till he's 7...

good mail day :)

love playdates with our fav friends.
8 blonde cuties.
4 boys, 4 girls :)

fresh milk!

first frost!

we attempted a family picture before church :)

our gorgeous church at night

off to see the lighting of the wonderland of lights in our town's square!

i'm sorry.
i can't resist sweet treats and coffee and fall light.

working on the deck with daddy and paw paw

we let the boys pick out and cut down our christmas tree this year...

it is probably the charliest of charlie brown christmas trees but they were so stinkin' proud.

decorated it all themselves!

and eggnog to celebrate!

and a tiny one for their room!

beginning of advent...simple soup for dinner...

...making our advent wreath...

and singing hymns.

and a huge piece of leftover thanksgiving pie for mama since the hymn-singing ended up being a huge meltdown.
#reallife folks.

i make the boys' stockings so this year is robert's year!
early morning sewing and scriptures!
and late night sewing with my mama!
figuring out where to place everything...
finishing touches...
all four boys done!

more playdates with our sweet friends.
i love gabe trying to do the peace sign like yuri :)

mv and jack took their "monies" and bought their siblings christmas gifts at the dollar store :)
and wrapped them!

and this year, jack even spelled out the names!

fresh rainbow chard from our greenhouse!

off to a girls' night!
with baby spit up alllll over me.

but i adore these ladies.

jack and robert :)

our town's art museum hosted a fun evening of art exhibits, ballet, and cookies!

and crafting!
love this scene.
i come out from quiet time and my workout and my sweet husband is working, with his headlamp on and the baby :)

second sunday in advent treats!

working on our advent calendars!

gabe sings happy birthday every time i light the candles :)

jack and his twin :)

ornament making!

holiday baking!

good friends have warm homemade bread when you arrive :) :)

and the sweetest calves and goats to love on!

big smile from my old man elf baby!

must have been a good playdate when he passes out literally 3 minutes after we left :)

eggnog oatmeal!

my little elf!

perfect holiday snack

more playdate fun!
(excuse jack, he had already stripped down to his undies for his nap!)

rudolph the red nosed reindeer dessert and movie!
(i only had 4 1/2 red m&ms! :D)

wrapping christmas gifts and a late night snack

apple crisp!

a special treat for breakfast!

christmas parade in downtown marshall!

advent snack!

christmas partying with my mama!

sweet, strong boy!

kale and chard overload

more partying with my handsome man!

mrs. lyn making robert laugh :)

we still have a few fall colors!

my sweet boy and his first performance at church :)

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