Sunday, April 29, 2012


So, there is this establishment - yes, I am definitely not using the word restaurant, in this case - out in the country, near Marshall, Texas, where I grew up.


They are kindof a legend.
Grocery store slash burger joint.

My dad calls them Bubba Burgers', because that's the only thing on the menu we ever ever ever eat there.
And yes, that's the official name.

Kinda famous.
You know you are famous if you sell shirts.
And see them worn across the country.

Anyway, when you enter this literal hole-in-the-wall, delights such as these await you...

I mean, what's a deer butt and a trophy wall to entice you to eat a delicious burger??

But, let me assure you, this Bubba burger is one of the two top burgers I've ever had in my life.
No kidding.

So, if you ever find yourself in the vicinity of East Texas, go try them out.
And look up my parents while you're at it.

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