Sunday, April 15, 2012


A little while ago, my darling husband got home from Afghanistan and we decided to take a little vacay in Hawaii :D

Here's our journey, as foodies :)

*I apologize for the explosion of pictures...if you aren't interested in about a gazillion foodie pics, skip this post!*

started in Honolulu, at Sorento's, Top of the "I" (where we stayed)

started with gorgeous drinks (pictured, mine, was their take on a pina colada)

a beautiful selection of appetizers:
Greek salad, tuna avocado bruschetta, short rib dumplings, seafood sausage, beef carpaccio

the view

delicious!, but a bit pricey...
then, it was off to the pineapple plantations and the North Shore
the Dole plantation, tour, and demo

delicious pineapple ice cream!

Matsumoto's, for the original shave ice

awesome and very refreshing!
Turtle Bay Resort, for lunch and the view :)

veggie burger and ahi tuna tacos

good, but nothing to write home about...
Iron Chef Morimoto's for dinner!
(can I tell you how excited I was?!?)

*sorry for the blurriness of the pictures...I didn't have my big flash.  not that I would have dreamed to use it in an establishment such as this :)*

oxtail soup, served with fried rice, scallions, cilantro, and freshly grated wasabi

"chef's sushi selection"

kakuni, braised 10 hour porkbelly, congee, and gobo

some kind of delicious sushi roll that my husband got and I wasn't paying attention, because, hello.  I got the pork belly.

haupia semifreddo, green tea wafers, coconut gelee, local honey, matcha meringue

um, hello.  culinary highlight of my life.  
more than exceptional.  the food was divine and the dessert was rated one of the top 10 dishes.  for the year.
next, out to the eastern side of the island for the day

had lunch at the O'Club on the USMC base and then dessert was at Dave's....

fantastic homemade ice cream!  I had taro :)
back to Waikiki for the husband's birthday dinner at Roy's

edamame for pre-appetizer and drinks for both of us :)

prix fixe for our dinners

sticky rib, chicken egg roll, rare tuna for both appetizers

macadamia encrusted mahi mahi

glazed short ribs

macadamia nut tarte

Roy's signature melting chocolate souffle

really really really good.  well priced and would most definitely return.
off to Kauai the next day.  
an early flight meant a stop at Java Kai for coffee and breakfast...a great choice!

a huge, organic selection

mango scones

the "sharkbite" for me (raspberries and dark chocolate mocha...yum.) 

veggie scramble and tomato on bagel and sausage and potato breakfast burrito

up to Hanalei, to Tropical Taco, a cool surfer hangout

chips and salsa, huge cod taco, fish and taro "chips"

super tasty and huge portions!
back to Waikiki for a relaxing day and dinner at the floating Pagoda restaurant

huge gourmet buffet with...well, everything!


good, but keep in mind that it was "just a buffet"....
but, an exceptional buffet was the Sunday champagne brunch at the Hale Koa

anything and everything you could think of, including an awesome Hawaiian performance!

exceptional!  but I was hesitant to put it on here, considering you do have to be escorted by a military card holder to enjoy.... :/
breakfast was too much so we skipped lunch and waited for dinner at the world famous, Puka Dog

they only have Hawaiian hot dogs and they are very unique.
from their incredible selection of Hawaiian condiments...

to their innovative way of toasting the inside of the bun, they were amazing!

very very good!  soooo glad we only had one each!  but for cheap eating, you can't get any better than this!
the final morning was Wailana Coffee House, and their famous "Hawaiian breakfast" and coconut pancakes!
*yes, that is banana on top of corned beef.*

amazing and will be trying to replicate these pancakes asap.
final dinner was at The House Without a Key
fantastic drinks (mine was non-alcoholic, as this was the morning we found out I was expecting!) and great, live music!

salmon over bok choy in broth, ahi tuna over pesto pasta, beef satay with jasmine rice

very good, but very pricey...
what an amazing trip!  
wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!
a special thanks to the United States Marine Corps for taking my husband for so long that he feels guilty and takes me to Hawaii! ;)
but really to my awesome mil who watched our darling son while we escaped :)


  1. Gorgeous photographic culinary journey! And I, for one, loved your gazillion food pictures :) And the pleasure of watching your darling son was all mine :)

  2. We have orders to Hawaii and your pictures make me so excited. Gonna have to try some of those places out when we get there.

  3. Oooo, how fun! My parents were stationed there when I was born :)


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