Wednesday, March 12, 2014

right now...

right now, we are...

throwing snowballs at mommy, through the window.

sorting m&ms for cookies.
this kid has known how to sort for a long time.
he loves to sort.
and when you gotta get dinner on the table, and this take him an hour of golden silence, i let him refresh himself on sorting :)

having oh-so-many cold days.
but loving tractors and beans!

eating snow.

tromping through snow.

and then being surprised by what? in the midst of the snow! a beautiful, sunny day!?

enjoying a bump :)
and pajamas.

relaxing at the spa for a day, compliments of daddy!

trying to understand what daddy is teaching us about dominoes...

...and monopoly. 

doing our morning, adorable stretches.

juicing every fruit and veggie we come across!

salivating over a new pack of essential oils!
mommy is in heaven.

waiting on daddy.
every day.
they nap till 5pm.
and stand here until he walks in through those doors.
melt. my. heart.

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