Sunday, March 16, 2014

toddler meals...part 2!

are you sick of these posts? :/
we love these.
the boys are such good eaters but it's still fun to serve a delicious, nutritious, and fun meal!

and, yes, i've been asked.
they eat every bite of these meals.

and, yes, even though only one picture is shown, our little bear gets these meals too :)

a bit girly but nothing like a cherry tomato, red pepper, olive and carrot butterfly on a beautiful day!

leftover grilled chicken, leftover acorn squash mash, bananas, apricots, and steamed broccoli!

oranges, blueberries, goldfish pieces, and yogurt raisins :)

my boys loved this spinach cannellini dip, along with star toasts, avocados, boiled egg, and tomatoes.

these were from our Africa unit in homeschooling...but still fun to do with your little!
toast with peanut butter, apples, rice crispies and pretzels.

almond butter sandwich on whole wheat, carrots and apples with hummus, oranges and pineapple fruit salad, cukes, and a special, star dessert with nutella and "prinkles!" :)

blackberries, cheese elephants, steamed edamame, low fat turkey sausage, boiled egg.

even daddy got in on the fun!
toast, ham, oranges, cheese, strawberries and blueberries!

what kid doesn't like a kabob?!
*except maybe pointy objects should be for ages 3+...*

or a buffet? ;)

cookie cutters are your best friend for toast and sugar free jam :)

and for X's for school...

who wouldn't like these vibrant colors??
i would/do.

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