Tuesday, September 10, 2013

first day of (home)school!

monday was our very first day of school!
he's almost three, my big boy, and he and i are very excited about the new year!
i'm using the same curriculum as last year, because we had so much success with it.
he's coming in ahead of the game (in my opinion, of course!)...he knows all his letters and numbers and is starting to "read"...he knows about 15 words by sight!  he's doing really well with his letters and we are practicing with scissors too!
i'm a proud mama, can you tell? ;)
anyway, he was thrilled to start "school" and we had a great first day back :)

fake smile. :)

putting clouds on the felt board for our weather-of-the-day.

the Pledge.

sorting pasta in our rotating center: this week it's Italy, to kick off our "cultures" series!

new permanent music center...hopefully, we'll be adding a keyboard soon!

checking out all the new books that i added to the reading center...

and we almost always end up in the kitchen center.
can't wait for another exciting year!

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