Saturday, September 28, 2013

homeschooling wrap up: september

we are in vermont!
he packed me up and whisked me off to fall foliage, maple syrup, good cheese, and a bed and breakfast for a long weekend and had his parents babysit the kiddos!
so we are basking in the oranges and reds and chilly weather and scarves and fireplaces and the like but here's a quick wrap up of our first month in homeschooling!
off to a great start!

Italy center...first of our culture series!

the "art gallery" and "sculptures"!

Italian flag, made from a lasagna noodle!

pasta sorting.

we listened to Italian opera all week...

and ate Italian food....

...and read about Italian regions (via food)!

next up, dinosaur center!

dino sensory tub

we made "fossil" cookies!
tiny toys pressed into shortbread!

we pressed dino footprints into play doh for more fossil study!

exploring bones. 

we focused on self-awareness for a week...
(who has eyes, ears, arms, etc...)

does a broccoli have thumbs? no...
but thumbs make great peanut butter cookies!

family tree and identifying family members. 
how they relate to me!

he memorized his Bible verse in the first week!
he got a star.

we read about King David...
and made a crown!

and even had a visitor now and then!
to beat on the tambourine with a spoon, naturally.

an amazing first month!!

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