Monday, September 16, 2013

the very hungry caterpillar party, part 2

we are still working hard on our very hungry caterpillar party!
we've done a lot since my first post and hope to still do more!
i am loving the fact that mv has his hand in almost all the decor for this party.
he might not care (now or later) but i'll take pictures and make sure and show him when he's a teenager ;)

watercoloring butterfly wings...

....and mama put the finishing touches on!
still needs antennae and a backing.
it'll be hung like a kite over the buffet!
watercolors + paper + cardstock + paint.

finger-painting for the front door decor!
paint + paper plates.

i juiced an entire fresh watermelon to freeze for watermelon lemonade.
took. ages.

sewing projects!
a button caterpillar shirt for the baby...

...and a more "grown up" polo for mv.
(we didn't want to make him look too childish with a matching button shirt...)
buttons i had around the house + $2 white tee from hobby lobby + brown marker. (easier than trying to stitch brown thread in the correct place!)
$3 caterpillar applique + an existing polo.

finishing up the mailer invites and addressing envelopes.

making the buffet table labels!
printable images from an online source + cardstock + glue.

finishing the deliverable invites!
i had to use chopsticks to get those little suckers in there with hot glue!

old mason jars/lids that i had + netting from the craft closet + pom pom caterpillars, that i had previously made + cardstock.

painting a giant piece of plywood from lowe's for a big, backyard chalkboard!
leftover chalkboard paint + $7 plywood.
plus, we can totally use this as a future backyard game for the boys!

fingerpainting "suns" for part of the backdrop for pictures!
just need to add construction paper "rays".
paint + paper plates.

and last but not least, my wonderful aunt brought down six boxes of kids' books, toys, and teaching supplies from when she taught kindergarten, and i found this gem in there.
a bit beat up on the edges but brand spankin' new.
mv is going to love it.

can't wait to party!

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