Saturday, September 7, 2013

fun in dc! (alternatively titled, "what were we thinking, cramming somany activities into 2 1/2 days?!")

this past week, one of my best friends and her family came to visit us! 
and "do" dc. 
all of it. 
we had a blast but wow. we did a lot. enjoy our whirlwind, via our pictures!

carlie and i

the children's museum!

mv playing with "mr. scott"

the little bear playing with every puzzle there!

my handsome man

playing with baby reese

little firefighter. 

japan center, trying on kimonos with lyssa :)

car track

playing with the african textiles :)

after the museum, we headed down to the national harbor to see the water!


next day, it was off to the museum of natural history!

t rex. this little boy's favorite. 

the baby was memorized with the aquarium...

look, mommy! a biiiiig shark!

then it was off for a picnic lunch on the national mall!

after, we explored the air and space museum...

...and by explore, i mean, the baby slept and mv was an angel and so therefore got a tiny biplane as a souvenir!

the next day was the smithsonian national zoo! 

this tiny armadillo was racing back and forth and had mv enthralled. 

a good trip that ended every night with a giant bath!!!

until next time!!

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