Tuesday, September 3, 2013


love my husband.
this you know.
but, he can be very spontaneous (i am not.) and he had (literally) one and a half days before he left for several weeks, so we decided to head up to Philadelphia.

see the Liberty Bell.
tour Independence Hall.
eat a cheesesteak.
ya know, the basics, with our 36 hours.

we packed an ice chest with hummus and sandwiches, threw the kids in the car, and drove the four hours.
the boys were amazing.
i don't know how we got so lucky (although i credit a lot of it to the fact that we do travel so often) to have such wonderful travelers.  they hold hands for most of the time and make each other laugh the rest.
oh, there are "times"....like when mv says, "i have to go POO POO NOW!" and there isn't a rest stop/gas station/patch of grass in sight.  or when the baby decides it's time to be fed...now.
but, out of a four hour journey, maybe 15 minutes of pain?  not bad.

i digress.

we had a lovely trip and even got to meet up with a friend from home while we were there!
enjoy our trip, via pictures :)

Valley Forge at sunset

the little bear did not like the grass.

gotta get a pic for instagram.

Washington's chapel

the next day was the Liberty bell, et all. 


touring Independence Hall!

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