Sunday, October 27, 2013

friar tuck, robin hood, and other halloween fun!

while halloween isn't my very favorite holiday, i do love some good, old fashioned, halloween fun!
i love hand-making the boys' costumes and while they are still so young, i get to pick out the idea ;)
this year, it's friar tuck and robin hood! 

let's start with robin hood ;)

thrifted, $1, pink boots + brown spray paint = manly, robin hood boots 

$1 little girls' tights + green dye 

last year's Giant costume (from Jack and the Beanstalk and the Giant), cut, re-sewn into a vest + bib collar from green felt. $0
(a white, long sleeved tee will go underneath)

brown felt + red feather. $0

awesome mini bow that m made!
sans arrows.  we don't want a lawsuit.

complete costume!

onto friar tuck!

souvenir maple syrup jug + spray paint + black sharpie 

= mead jug to hang on his belt

complete costume = brown t-shirt of m's + rope belt + mead jug!

and then we just have the fun, miscellaneous halloween crafts and projects!

elmer's glue + silver glitter. peel off and use as a centerpiece or on a wall as decor. i'm gonna hang them from our porch!

our pumpkins :)

can you tell who did which? ;)

mike wazowski decor for our church's trunk or treat
paper plates + paint + crepe paper + green lantern. $0.

white chocolate covered marshmallow ghost pops
apple and mini marshmallow monster mouths
scary bugs in a blanket
(all for our church's potluck)

mummy door! 
white crepe paper + paper plates + paint. 

share your favorite halloween crafts!

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