Wednesday, October 16, 2013



i've been enjoying my afternoon view.
and boys that play so well together.

pressing collected leaves by chubby hands for an autumn chandelier, of sorts.

baking anything apple!

enjoying warm days with car washes...

...and bright mornings, by myself, on the porch.
(that iced coffee was a surprise, waiting in my fridge, as a make-up for having to leave so early in the morning.  i adore him.)

speaking of him... :)

smelling rosemary orange cornbread.

enjoying his and hers coffee on saturday mornings.

crafting little projects.

loving falling leaves.
...but still warm enough some days for bare feet.

helping, when he can't reach.

watching mama's apple doughnut dough mix

...and the saddest part about glazing doughnuts...ah, the waste.

loving when daddy is home early on weeknights.

and always so grateful, the most grateful, for these two perfect souls.

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