Wednesday, October 23, 2013

nanny, paw paw, and uncle wince!

had a great visit with my family last week!
prepare yourself for photo overload. 
sorry, not sorry ;)

looking for nanny's airplane

it rained for four days. but she knows how to keep them entertained ;)

play doh and snakes = perfection for this kid. well, maybe if you add monsters...

finally the sun came out! luckily the frogs were still there...

my dearest husband watched the boys for a couple hours while my mama and i went shopping!

finding massive slugs on our morning walks...

collecting leaves...

pumpkin patch!!

birthday dinner! my mom, mv, and jack all have birthdays at the end of september so we had a belated birthday celebration!

homemade eggrolls are a must. 

huge alligator for the bear

a wee bit excited about an octopus from uncle vince!

brick blocks, homemade spear from paw paw, mini guitar from mrs. rhonda, and mini cow hide, all for my big boy!

reading with uncle "wince"

apple picking! 

farmer's market on sunday, before church!

always reading :)

my beautiful mama!

beautiful fall colors. 

my awesome dad hauled this antique armoire from texas! they got this beauty for my 30th birthday. i'm a lucky gal. and it looks pretty good :)

hugging goodbye. it's gonna be a long 6 weeks until Christmas!

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