Wednesday, October 30, 2013

homeschooling wrap up: october!

we started off October with a bang!
two new birthday presents for the music center!
a beautiful new keyboard from G-Ma and Poppy!

...and a super cool mini guitar from Mrs. Rhonda!

then, it was off to review our letters.
always some edible lessons....cracker caterpillar with cranberry eyes!

textile letter of the week...C for Corn.

fun with homemade pinwheels.
(air power lesson)

special D for Doughnut breakfast.

and D for Dips!

D for Dots was our textile letter of the week...
making tracks for our transportation unit.

E for Eggshells was the textile letter of the week...

then, lots of E foods ;)



then on to F! F is for Fishing (with magnets...)

F for Flat Fettucini :)

textile letter of the week was F for Feathers!

new South America center for our rotating culture series 

cracking coconuts on daddy's day off :)
(for South America unit)

making tostones!
(for South America unit)

painting pumpkins :)

counting pumpkin seeds craft

we do a different song, using felt, each week and we had to include a Halloween themed song :)

Halloween sensory tub!

we did lots of nature walks and found a huge spider web!

....and a massive slug!

and, perhaps the most important event of the month...spelling his name for the first time!
zero help from Mama!
so. proud.

a great month!

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