Sunday, October 12, 2014

homeschooling wrap up: september!

can you believe we are starting another year of homeschooling?!
i can't.
and with two kiddos this year!

even with a(nother) move squeezed in the middle of september, we managed to learn alot and have fun doing it!

jack jack started his letters-of-the-week...

and his color-sorting.
amazing what the second child has already picked up on!

mv reviewed his letters and was matching upper case to lower case here...

and now he's on to beginning reading and spelling!

jack's color of the month was orange and shape of the month was circle!

and i thought we'd might as well practice orange and circle with some going on a bear hunt crafting for our party ;)

and bear-print thank you's!

practicing shape-tracing...

and gross motor skills for jack.

c for caterpillar!

and more sight-spelling
jack's social studies were focused on our family tree

and then, to make things just a bit more interesting (ha ha.), we moved!
back to east texas and in with my parents!
(my dad offered m a job and to teach him the "family business", and we decided the boys would be happier here anyway!)
so, the new schoolroom set-up in my parents' library!

then, back to usual routine :)
exploring spacial relationships...big, bigger, biggest, etc.

and farm week, of course!
did you see our fun trip to the state fair of texas?

the boys do tractor rides with daddy or paw paw almost every day anyway ;)

stockyards at the state fair of texas!

it was a great month and we can't wait for more fun!

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  1. You do such an amazing job with these boys and you are so joyful throughout it all. Go mama!


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