Wednesday, October 22, 2014

foods i DON'T homemake.

in a follow up to this similar post, i've decided to share what i DON'T homemake.
that is, what's better or easier from the store.

ice cream.
i know. this is kinda bizarre. so, let me be specific.
i love, love homemade ice cream.
this one being my fav of all time.
but, blue bell cookies n cream will always, always have my heart.

speaking of cookies, eh?
i've tried homemade.
not. oreos.
good, very good.
but, not oreos.

granted, i don't buy the tostitos jar but good, old-fashioned velveeta + spicy rotel is where it's at, when it comes to that once a year, must-have-queso, football game. sorry cheddar, you ain't got nothing on melty velveeta. 

i don't do bread dough. i can. and i have. and i have no doubt that later in life, i will embrace it fully. but for now, i have a bread machine that we use a lot. so, it's semi-homemade, right?

we love homemade granola. but the boys love plain cheerios, the hub loves honey bunches of oats, and i love the shredded wheat minis. yes, the frosted ones. definitely don't have cereal every day (or every week). but, yes, the frosted ones.

i'm all for homemade sheet cakes, bundts, and certain layer cakes, but when it comes to a good birthday cake, nothing beats a betty crocker layer cake. something about the artificial, over-sweetness really hits the spot ;)
ps-that goes for frosting too...

i'm all for butter. or browned butter. or really browned butter. but, in my favorite cookie ever, crisco is the. way. to. go. 

i would be remiss if i didn't include our boys' beloved goldfish. we don't do a lot of processed food around but i am not making tiny goldfish. i could not, would not, sam-i-am.

so, tell me! what do you love homemaking and what do you buy at the store??

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