Sunday, October 5, 2014

state fair of texas!

we did the state fair of texas, y'all.
and we had oh, so much fun.

we studied farms, farmers, and farm animals in homeschool this week and thought the state fair of texas would be a good learning lesson.
plus, we like the fair just as much as kids do :)

we started, of course, at the stockyards and visited all the animals!

hahaha, mv did you step in poo poo? ;)

baby gabe was super interested.

jack just loves his nanny!

a bit of wine tasting never hurt anyone.
...especially a 6 week old ;)

my sweet, sweet boy.

gabe woke up for the dog show!

 some leaf rubbing

watching the beautiful peacocks and pheasants

milking demo during another gabe-nap

and big tex, of course!!

a beautiful day for the boys' first trip to the state fair of texas!!

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