Monday, August 23, 2010

amber's famous fruit salad

I have a friend named Amber.
She makes a delicious fruit salad.
It's famous, actually.
And when she advertised that she was making a "famous fruit salad", I naturally had to have the recipe.
And then I tasted it! 

While not a normal fruit salad, per say....I mean, it only has three fruits in is pretty fantastic!
(....the above picture is lemons, nor grapefruits....but my fruit bowl was so beautiful today!)

Amber's Famous Fruit Salad
Makes a ton!
2 bags of oranges
2 big cans of crushed pineapple

Start by supreming all the oranges.  We remember what supreming is, right??

Make sure and do it over a big bowl or tupperware to catch all the juices.

Add the pineapple with the juices.

Add some sugar.
Okay, this doesn't have a measurement because it depends on how sweet your oranges are.  I added one cup this summer.  This winter, you might have to add up to three.  I know, I know.  Three.

Cover and let refrigerate overnight so the flavors meld and the sugar dissolves.

When you are ready to serve, diced up a couple bananas (another non-measurement...depending on how much you like bananas) and stir to combine.

I (and Amber) don't care for mushy bananas so I tend to not add the bananas until I'm serving it. 
Even if it's midnight and this little boy-in-my-belly tends to like his fruit at 3am.


  1. I love how you blogged this recipe!!!!! Isn't it the yummiest! How long did it take you to make it though? It always takes me FOREVER! I'm glad you liked the "famous" fruit salad recipe!!!!

  2. Good! I'm glad you liked it! I meant to tell you when I was posting it (and ask for your permission!) but I'll blame this on pregnancy brain :)

  3. going to buy a big sack of oranges today...i think the kids will love this for snack this week...i like the idea of adding the bananas as you serve it. My plan is to keep the mix in the fridge and add bananas to it everyday for snack time! thanks for posting suck yummy recipes and easy to follow pics and directions!

  4. Thanks Jenn! I bet the kids will love it :)

  5. Great Katie very nice posting.I have always made my fruit salad plain, I am definitely going to try it with this easy dressing :) fruit salad recipe.


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